About us


Journeys that matter

We think of trips to Peru that matter, that roots us and provide us with
valuable experiences. Let them transform us. To our travellers and
corporate clients, we offer our professional commitment to innovation,
responsibility, listening and personalized treatment.


To society, our firm bet is for the inclusion of community rural tourism projects, archaeological
destinations that involve the local population in the recovery of heritage, or conservation
projects that constitute, perhaps, the last stronghold to defend the natural resources.

We are all part of this. Here we are to learn from each other and try to build it all together.

(H) Arawi, which derives from quechua (H)arawi, is a poem and song to the earth, to love,
to animals, and of caring about our environment in an all-encompassing way.

Our team


Founder and Director

I am an anthropologist and have lived for many years between Barcelona, where I started a family, and Peru, my birth country. I have travelled throughout Peru for many years trying to understand this wonderful and complicated country… although (very) far from achieving it, I will never get tired of continuing to do so: Peru has many layers of history and culture re-discovered and recreated daily. My motivation from the beginning has been to create a company that is economic and social profitable, a contribution to the community. To reveal the experiences, knowledge and contribution of Peruvian women to this cultural fabric, is an extra personal motivation that drives me in this professional and life project.


Founder and Director

I am amazed about Peru’s diverse nature, people and culture. When I am traveling I
have the feeling of belonging to something bigger, greater, like being part of the light, reflection, and color of my country. And this is the feeling I am always looking forward to when I am traveling and I want to share the with the ones who want to visit and experience Peru.


Founder and consultant

I am a lawyer by profession and traveler by vocation. Since I was very young I put my backpack on and traveled through Peru. My work let me travel to many places in the world, but I always keep coming back to look for the unique excitement of my wonderful home country. I think Peru has much to offer for the travelers, even self-discovery.


Administrative manager

With experience in management of international organizations I have seen strengthened my respect for the environment and social commitment. I became astonished by our diversity in landscapes and cultures. I believe that there is no better way to show this diversity than socially responsible tourism, each trip represents a unique experience that can have a high and positive impact to the communities in the country.


Reserves and operations

I am a Bachelor of Tourism and Hospitality. Due to my passion in Sustainable Tourism I’m committed to to promote the economic and social development of the rural Communities in Peru. The knowledge acquired, combined with the desire to work and learn, have given me the necessary training to collaborate effectively in the development of my country.



I am a Bachelor in Tourism Administration. Since I was little I always wanted to change the world. I believe that well-developed tourist activity helps not only economically in society, but also in spiritual growth, understanding, empathy, this way forming good practices on the part of all those involved, thus transforming society and, therefore, you get a better quality of life of people, creating a small change in society.


Travel Consultant

I studied social sciences and anthropology in Lima, worked as a photographer, a journalist and as a Researcher for Social Development Projects in the Peruvian Andes. I have a passion for Peruvian culture, people and gastronomy, and believe that sustainable tourism can help to maintain the dignity of Peruvian cultures.


Arawi Peru is a DMC (receptive tour operator) that designs
and organizes tailor-made, sustainable, responsible and quality
trips through Peru. We offer specialized and innovative routes,
designed for travellers looking to escape the mass routes
and find something unique in their trip to Peru.


To be a benchmark company in the field of responsible,
sustainable and quality tourism in Peru, generating
economic and social returns, contributing to the overall
growth of populations, raising awareness of natural
cultural and archaeological heritage, and strengthening
local identity.