About us

Some years ago we
embarked on the adventure
of creating Arawi, a
Peruvian company that
designs tailor-made,
sustainable and qualit
travel experiences
throughout Peru. We
imagined a company
that would allow people
to get to know Peru,
our country, in a
different way


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Tourism can play an active role in defending the environment and
cultural diversity. Well managed, can also be the key to harmonious
local development.

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We support local
commerce, the use
of local services,
family and/or small
scale business,
which stimulate
the economies
of populations and
communities in
each area.


We promote respect for local
culture and environmental
care, providing guidelines
to follow as a responsible
traveller (particularly
during visits to vulnerable
spaces, such as indigenous
communities, reserved
areas or archaeological


We prioritize the use
of accommodations
that have developed
responsible and
responsible practices,
the ones that favour
the local community.


We are committed to
fighting against Sexual
Exploitation of Children
and Adolescents in
Tourism by signing
codes of conduct for
the protection of children
(The Code, ESSNA).


We work committed
to equality and
based on gender, race,
beliefs, sexual orientation
or others.


We have reduced to
a minimum the use of
paper and we use recycled
paper for the production
of marketing material.

Why travel with us


We think of the trip as a human experience

of local contact, of learning and connection with the country and its people


We know Peru in-depth

for this reason, we bring to each itinerary years of professional experience and local knowledge of our team. Our guides and experts are a fundamental and essential part of the trip


We innovate

we design our very own routes, we are in continuous search of activities with differentiated value, that can be adapted to different profiles, and allowing to create original itineraries.


We regularly select and monitor all the services

and destinations on the trip, transport, accommodation, as well as community projects and ventures in the destinations visited


We are always available

permanent connection by telephone/Skype, with our central office in Lima or the logistic headquarters in the different travel destinations. Before, during and after the trip


We work within the philosophy of sustainable and responsible travel

We have obtained the Tourcert Seal for Sustainable and CSR in Tourism. Our services are regularly evaluated in aspects of sustainability, product quality, customer information, legal aspects, among others.

Things that matter to us


Peru has been home to hundreds of indigenous communities for centuries. They are the true heirs of pre-Hispanic cultures and still retain part of their ancestral organisation and worldview. Their knowledge is an invaluable cultural heritage. For some years now, there have been indigenous and peasant communities that have been promoting tourism projects in rural environments. Many of them are driven by women and offer unique experiences of coexistence and cultural immersion in contact with nature.

Tourism is important to boost their economies and generate income for families. However, these experiences must be carried out with due care, under technical criteria and seeking balance. Tourism is a complementary element and not a substitute for peasant economies. Our commitment to offer these experiences requires us to know them directly, both in terms of the quality of their service as well as their local traditions.

Things that matter to us


The tourism industry plays an important role in relation to climate change and its consequences. This implies a great responsibility. The impact of CO2 emissions and its effect on the production of greenhouse gases as a result of the increase in the use of air transport is undeniable. On the other hand, the effects of climate change are especially sensitive for tourism, as it largely depends on the conditions of natural spaces.

In recent years, several reforestation initiatives that seek to alleviate these effects have been started, most of which take place in the jungle. However, many Andean areas also need reforestation projects that incorporate local communities to ensure their sustainability. At Arawi we have been involved in different initiatives of this type through our different partners. This also includes the recovery of ancestral roads, maintenance to fight fires, cultivation of native species, etc. Our purpose is to become increasingly actively involved in these projects. If you want to know more about them and how to get involved too, get in touch with us!

Things that matter to us


At Arawi we actively seek to incorporate the work of women, make their contributions visible, denounce and alleviate inequalities in the areas where we work. They fight to preserve natural spaces from the greed of economic interests. Peruvian women are a symbol of resistance and courage. In a country with high rates of violence against women, recovering their role in the culture is an urgent task.

A few kilometers from Machu Picchu, Julia gives us a master class on sustainability from the daily experience of betting on organic farming. Fruit trees reveal the secret of their flavor: knowledge, care, patience. Visiting her fruit farm, walking the river or sharing a table is a life lesson.

Tourism projects of indigenous and peasant communities are today driven mainly by women. They have recovered and updated ancestral aspects of culture and environmental management, such as the art of weaving and ceramics, or the preparation of Chicha. They are entrepreneurs, scientists, athletes, artists and tourist guides. All these stories make a different journey through Peru.