About us

Some years ago we
embarked on the adventure
of creating Arawi, a
Peruvian company that
designs tailor-made,
sustainable and qualit
travel experiences
throughout Peru. We
imagined a company
that would allow people
to get to know Peru,
our country, in a
different way


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Tourism can play an active role in defending the environment and
cultural diversity. Well managed, can also be the key to harmonious
local development.

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We support local
commerce, the use
of local services,
family and/or small
scale business,
which stimulate
the economies
of populations and
communities in
each area.


We promote respect for local
culture and environmental
care, providing guidelines
to follow as a responsible
traveller (particularly
during visits to vulnerable
spaces, such as indigenous
communities, reserved
areas or archaeological


We prioritize the use
of accommodations
that have developed
responsible and
responsible practices,
the ones that favour
the local community.


We are committed to
fighting against Sexual
Exploitation of Children
and Adolescents in
Tourism by signing
codes of conduct for
the protection of children
(The Code, ESSNA).


We work committed
to equality and
based on gender, race,
beliefs, sexual orientation
or others.


We have reduced to
a minimum the use of
paper and we use recycled
paper for the production
of marketing material.

Why travel with us


We think of the trip as a human experience

of local contact, of learning and connection with the country and its people


We know Peru in-depth

for this reason, we bring to each itinerary years of professional experience and local knowledge of our team. Our guides and experts are a fundamental and essential part of the trip


We innovate

we design our very own routes, we are in continuous search of activities with differentiated value, that can be adapted to different profiles, and allowing to create original itineraries.


We regularly select and monitor all the services

and destinations on the trip, transport, accommodation, as well as community projects and ventures in the destinations visited


We are always available

permanent connection by telephone/Skype, with our central office in Lima or the logistic headquarters in the different travel destinations. Before, during and after the trip


We work within the philosophy of sustainable and responsible travel

We have obtained the Tourcert Seal for Sustainable and CSR in Tourism. Our services are regularly evaluated in aspects of sustainability, product quality, customer information, legal aspects, among others.

Things that matter to us


I am incredibily impressed and thankful for the level of service provided by Arawi and it team, Our Peruvian adventure exceeded my expectations. They were able to build us a trip that allowed us to see the entire country while staying on budget. They were very receptive to our needs and sent several itineraries before we agreed on the “one”. They were in communication every step of the way!

Things that matter to us


Portugal - December 2016

Planning excursions 6 months before departure, Arawi highly profesional. everything to the last detail from our desires. good recommendations on various excursions at reasonable prices, all organized in the spirit of kindness, too good to be true.

Upon arrival it was our coordinator. all transport between airport, hotel, excursions were organized perekt, she always in touch with us and drivers. She followed up on everything so we could just relax.

We must not forget Boris, one of our guides. Never have we seen so interesting guide before, His passion for Peru history was overwhelming, besides he knew everything there is to know about Peru.

All we had contact with in the agency was friendly and professional.

Things that matter to us


España - Noviembre 2016

Una vez realizado el viaje solo nos queda darte las gracias y la enhorabuena por la organización. La corresponsal de Lima, fue una maravilla y con todos los demás corresponsales, tampoco hubo ningún problema.

Normalmente solo nos acordamos de decir algo cuando las cosas van mal o no nos han gustado, lo más difícil es decir que las coses han salido bien, por eso te damos las gracias de parte de Ana, Pedro y mía.

Seguro que os recomendamos y si pensamos hacer otro viaje de estas características contactaremos con vosotros.

Things that matter to us


Australia - August 2018

Our tour was wonderful. The guides (Joel and Diane) were with us for 2 and 5 days. We felt like family as we discussed our lives. Their knowledge of the tour destinations was extensive. Even the drivers entered into the atmosphere. We never doubted our safety. Any requests we made dealt with willingly.”

They made our holiday memorable.They treated us as if it were our best friends, we never got the feeling that it was business. Thanks.

Things that matter to us



We booked a very last minute flight to Peru and arawi was amazing in organizing a very full schedule to ensure we saw as much as we could in the time that we had in Peru. The level of organization Arawi is to be commended. Every step of the way we were greeted by a travel consultant explaining the itinerary for the next leg of our journey. And all of this was very affordable. We would not hesitate to recommend Arawi’s travel service!