About Us

Arawi, which derives from quechua (H)arawi, is a poem and song to the earth, to love, to animals, and of caring about our environment in an all-encompassing way.

We are a Peruvian company dedicated to organising trips throughout Peru. Our company philosophy is to provide ethical, sustainable and high-quality tours.

Arawi Peru Expeditions is made up of a main team with its headquarters in Lima and a wide-spreading network of travel professionals, tour operators, collaborators and associates around the country. We form a close-knit team to create trails which are preferably for small or medium-sized groups of customers who are looking to actively participate in and experience the local culture. We seek an ambience of mutual respect as well as encouraging a social and environmental conscience.

About Us


Who formed this company, we have primarily a wandering soul, and we agree in our love for Peru and its diversity. It is the experience of the kilometers which we Arawi Peru to open new roads and doors in this exciting country.


Maribel Tovar

I’m a peruvian anthropologist currently living in Barcelona. In Perú I have worked in various development and communication projects since the 90s that let me traveled all over Peru.
I always loved the idea of sharing the richness and complexity of my country. For me life is like a journey, an opportunity for growth, to transforme one-self, to experience and be surprised. Travel is giving and receiving, which is also a fundamental principle in the andean culture. I’ve worked in the area of sustainable travel since 2007, as a member of Tarikapuy expeditions and as Product manager in Tarannà travel agency in Barcelona. In 2012 I embarked myself on the adventure of founding Arawi Peru, with a strong commitment to share my experience and make known the immensity and diversity of Peru, with professionalism, accountability and warmth.

Tati Quiñones

Tati Quiñones

I’m a photographer, studied journalism in Lima and I worked as a photojournalist at Diario El Comercio for several years which led me to travel all around Peru. I was amazed with its diversity, but mostly I enjoyed its people. I remember when I was 9 years old and traveling the Titicaca lake, feeling the cold wind on my face, the vastness of the lake my eyes could not grab, I remember the sense of belonging to something bigger, greatter, I was part of light, reflection, and color. That feeling is what I always look for when I travel and I want to share with those who want to visit Peru.
Between 2007 and 2012 I was a founding member of Tarikapuy Expediciones, those were years of learning that led me to interact with many travelers, and foresee their needs in order to make their trip a true unforgettable experience.


Mari Carmen Tovar

I am a lawyer by profession and traveler by vocation. Since I was very young I put my backpack on and travel the deepest Perú. My work has made me travel many places in the world, but I always keep coming back to look for the excitement and emotion of the wonders of Peru. The Urubamba Valley is revealing to me every time, a new secret, a new hike or unknown corner. I think Peru has much to offer the traveler, even own discovery and self development. A company liable under sustainability criteria while offering quality services for / the traveler / to translate it into a unique travel experience, an experience where human courage rules.


Cecilia Barreto

I’m a Peruvian Social Communicator that has worked as a producer and creative script writer at the most important TV and Radio Stations of my country. I am the Founder of the Peruvian- Canadian NGO PaM- Para el Mundo “For the World” which promotes responsible volunteerism in areas of high poverty in northern Peru. I have also created the “Karwa Experience”, which encourages the spread of pre Inca worldview through their sacred ancient sounds.
When one learns the richest but still unknown places of our Peru, its people, its culture, its mega diversity, not only can you see the greatness of our ancestors but our recognition to the benefits that nature has favored Peru.


Lorena Tord

I’m from Perú and I live between Perú and Europe. I studied social sciences and anthropology in Lima, I worked as a photographer, as a journalist and as a Researcher for Social Development Projects in the Peruvian Andes. I have spent several years traveling around my country, working in the most amazing Andean villages and walking in the middle of the majestic Andean Mountains. Last years I was working as a specialist in Travel Journalism and as a Travel Photographer in different countries, which gave me a lot of experience about tourism. I have a passion for Peruvian culture, people and gastronomy, so I know a lot of tips and I like to share my knowledges about my country. I believe that sustainable tourism can help to maintain the dignity of Peruvian cultures.


Matthias Schmal-Filius

My passion for exploring the world with the backpack has brought me into contact with many cultures, lifestyles and ways of thinking over the last 25 years, and last but not least, with myself. When I first visited Peru 10 years ago, I was inspired by the warm-hearted people, the breathtaking nature, and its incomparable cultural richness. Since 8 years, I am working in tourism, sharing my passion and my local knowledge with my clients for the planning of individual and unforgettable Tour experiences. If you have the desire to get in contact with culture, life, people, breathtaking nature and the old soul of Peru, I am looking forward to creating a creative travel program tailored to your needs. Currently, I live with my family in Barcelona and Peru has become my second home for me.


Kelly Huamán

I have graduated in 1996 in Tourism Management at the University of the Altiplano in Puno. I’m responsible for logistics and travel arrangements in Puno. I began working at age 6 to help my family. She managed to graduate from high school and college with an excellency. She speaks English but is especially proud to speak Quechua her native language.


Milagros Olazábal

She is in charge of reservation and operations, coordination and supervision with 13 year of experience, she performs this task with great dedication and ensuring high quality and sustainability in all tourism services. Bachelor of Administrative Studies from the Pontificia Universidad Católica del Perú (PUCP).


Oscar Von Bischoffshausen

With 26 years of experience specialized in inbound tourism of the European German-speaking segment. He applies all his knowledge and experience in the operation of itineraries designed to meet interests and expectations of
clients by providing optimum quality of service. He is a Cenfotur graduate professional Travel Guide.

Eliana Pauca

I have twenty-five years of experience in various levels of the tourism industry: Tour guide in four languages, Manager of a travel agency and Coordinator of ecotourism projects in rural communities. Graduated in May 2002 with a Master’s degree Diploma in the Program for International Development Policy in Sanford Institute, Duke University, I am committed to continue my mission to promote economic and social development of native communities of the Andean Plateau and the preservation of their environments.