Community-based tourism

The local community routes include the visit or a stay in one, or several, Andean communities along the way. These communities welcome visitors in the framework of what is known as community-based tourism.

Community-based tourism

Encouraging this type of initiative and integrating them into the travel route
serves two purposes:

For the traveller:

  • Allows you to really get to know Peru, and to have warm and human, face-to-face contact with the indigenous culture, something which tourists on standard routes never get close to.
  • You’ll get a deeper learning experience. You can get to know and participate in these experiences at different rhythms. It could be a day visit, taking part in some workshop or activity or simply walking around the area. Or it could mean spending a night, or several nights in the community which is offering you their hospitality.

For the local community and villages:

    • Has a direct effect on the improved financial well-being of the families, managed on a small-scale and involving a limited number of visitors.
    • Most of these experiences are managed by family associations; a number of families participate on a rota basis. A percentage of the money received is destined for general improvements in the community. This decision is taken by the community as a whole.
    • On many occasions these projects are also linked to others which are involved with protecting and adding value to the local traditions: in particular the textile tradition, but also the artisanal, medicinal and other traditions. The artisans get together to keep up the standards of production and to work out a fair price for their work. They sell their products directly to the community or at specified distribution points.
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