Why travel with us

In the Peruvian Andes, to give and to accept what’s given, is a basic idea. This is the root of mutual understanding.

The way we see it, this giving and receiving is a concept which should also guide us when we travel.

We offer tours which are tailor-made to your needs so that you have a warm, friendly experience, in contact with the local indigenous people where you can learn and feel part of the country and its people.

We know Peru so well that we, as a team, that can offer you our deep-rooted professional experience as well as our knowledge of each and every trail.

Why travel with us

  • We put together our own trails; personalised and innovative activities which can be adapted or created responding to your needs, preferences of subject matter and interests. We listen to you.
  • We work within the philosophy of sustainable, responsible and quality tourism.
  • Our guides and local experts are a strategic part of the tour. We work alongside professionals who are highly-experienced in their different fields.
  • They have great communications skills, but above all, they are people who can bring you into contact with the local people. They are attentive to your needs and not simply giving you lots of facts about the country.
  • We are selective and regularly monitor all our services and destinations on the tours, including accommodation, the projects and what we undertake at the sites we visit. The aim being to maintain our standards of compromise, sustainability, safety and quality.
  • We protect the integrity and labour rights and salaries of our guides, assistants, drivers, porters and other members of staff who are involved in the trails.
  • We are always available; with 24/7 contact via phone/skype, in our central office in Lima and also in the offices in the different destinations on the tours. Before, during and after the trip.
  • We provide complementary material as well as technical and general information; both written and visual.